What you should know

In this section you can find relevant information on how to register to CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure, the Greek network for the collection, documentation, curation and distribution of Language Resources and Technologies. Login to CLARIN:EL, share your data in a secure and stable environment and have access to hundreds of resources, tools and language processing web services!

1. Go to CLARIN:EL Central Inventory

In order to register to CLARIN:EL Infrastructure you need to redirect to CLARIN:EL Central Inventory. Click on Go to Central Inventory button on the right top of the CLARIN:EL Portal or click here.

2. Register to CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure

Click on sign in button on the right top of the page.

3. Create account

With academic account: CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure is supported by the Academic Single sign-on Service (SSO) offered by the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI)  of the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET). Therefore, if you are affiliated to an Organisation (University, Research Centre etc.), please use your academic credentials (Academic ID) to login to CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure by clicking on Greek academic login button. In this case, you will be automatically connected to the Repository of your Organisation in CLARIN:EL.

With CLARIN account: If you are a member of the CLARIN ERIC European Infrastructure you can use your CLARIN website credentials to login to CLARIN:EL by clicking on CLARIN Service Provider Federation login button.

With personal account: If you do not have an academic account or you do not want to be automatically connected to the Repository of your Organisation click on Register with personal account button at the bottom of the registration page. In this case, we recommend that you use your personal email address. Provide all the necessary information in the form that appears and then click on Register with personal account button. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your address and agree to the CLARIN:EL Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy. The procedure of registration with personal account has been completed and you are automatically connected to the CLARIN:EL Repository of Hosted Resources.