NLP:EL is an official CLARIN ERIC Knowledge Centre (CLARIN K-Centre) for Natural Language Processing (NLP), Language Technology (LT) and Language Resources (LRs) in Greece as well as Sign Language Technologies. NLP:EL is created, operated and maintained by researchers and academics active in the fields of Language TechnologyLanguage Resources and Sign Language.

Aiming to provide to all interested parties 

  • useful information and educational material on NLP tools (relevant publications, manuals and video tutorials),

  • guidance for the findability, accessibility and use of language processing tools and web services,

  • useful information and support regarding services and products in the fields of dynamic sign language synthesis, special communication and interaction interfaces, development and annotation of sign language resources and development of technologies for signed data processing,

  • as well as a dedicated helpdesk,

NLP:EL is the CLARIN K-Centre in Greece supporting:

NLP:EL is hosted by the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) in Athens, Greece. ILSP is one of the research institutes of Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, active in the fields of Language Technology and Cultural Technology.

CLARIN ERIC K-Centre Certificate - NLP:EL