In this section you can find scientific publications of prominent Researchers, Research Associates and Academics on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Language Technology (LT).


Piperidis, S.Labropoulou, P. & Gavrilidou, M. (2017). CLARIN:EL: a language resources documentation, sharing and processing infrastructure [in Greek]. In Georgakopoulos, Thanasis , Pavlidou, Theodossia-Soula , Pehlivanos, Miltos et al (editors), Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, pages 851–869. Berlin : Edition Romiosini/CeMoG.

Papavassiliou, V.Prokopidis, P. & Piperidis, S. (2018). Discovering Parallel Language Resources for Training MT Engines. In Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018). European Language Resources Association (ELRA). Download the publication

Papavassiliou, V.Sofianopoulos, S.Prokopidis, P. & Piperidis, S. (2018). The ILSP/ARC submission to the WMT 2018 Parallel Corpus Filtering Shared Task. In Proceedings of the Third Conference on Machine Translation: Shared Task Papers, pages 928-933. Belgium, Brussels : Association for Computational Linguistics. Download the publication

Piperidis, S.Labropoulou, P.Deligiannis, M. & Giagkou, M. (2018). Managing public sector data for multilingual applications development. In Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2018). [...] Download the publication

Prokopidis, P. & Papageorgiou, H. (2017). Universal Dependencies for Greek. In NoDaLiDa Workshop on Universal Dependencies. Download the publication

In this section you can find user manualsguides for NLP tools and/or web services that have been developed by the CLARIN:EL team or that can be accessed through the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure.

More user manuals and guides will soon be integrated into the NLP:EL page, available also in English.


CLARIN:EL Web Annotation service with WebAnno


Use WebAnno

🄺🄴🅈 🅆🄾🅁🄳🅂 linguistics, annotation, syntax, morphology, semantics 


WebAnno is a certified web annotation service that has been developped by the Faculty of Computer Science of Technische Universität Darmstadt for the annotation of texts. More specifically, users can create their own annotation project/s and upload the data that they wish to annotate. It is a multi-user tool supporting different roles, such as annotator, curator, and project manager. The progress and quality of annotation projects can be monitored and measuered in terms of inter-annotator agreement. Multiple annotation projects can be conducted in parallel.

WebAnno User manuals


Web & PDF Annotation Tool



Use Hypothesis

🄺🄴🅈 🅆🄾🅁🄳🅂 linguistics, annotation, web, texts, pdf documents


Hypothesis is an open source annotation tool for the annotation of Web pages and PDF documents. It can be used to create notes, highlights, and replies. To start annotating using Hypothesis you need to create a free account and then add Hypothesis Annotation tool extension to your Chrome browser. The extension allows for public and private annotations and has search options for tags, users and groups.

Hypothesis User manual

In this section, you can find video tutorials concerning certified services and applications provided by the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure. 

More video tutorials on NLP tools and/or web services will soon be integrated into the NLP:EL page, available also in English.

Registration to the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure

Search for language resources and processing tools/services

Language Processing with NLP tools/services

Using Voyant Τools text analysis tools

In this section you can find presentations by members of the NLP:EL team but also by other researchers on Language Resources, Language Technology processing tools and/or web services and their use in various applications.


Presentation on language resources and language processing tools and/or web services

Maria Gavriilidou, ILSP/Athena RC

Download the presentation


Presentation on new frontiers of collaboration between NLP and Social Sciences and Humanities

Haris Papageorgiou, ILSP/Athena RC

Download the presentation


Presentation on the examination of Xenophobia in Greece during the economic crisis using NLP tools

Maria Pontiki, ILSP/Athena RC

Download the presentation


Exploring the Political Agenda of the Greek Parliament Plenary Sessions using NLP tools

Dimitris Gkoumas, Maria Pontiki, Konstantina Papanikolaou, Charis Papageorgiou (ILSP/Athena RC)

Download the presentation


Interpretive discourse analysis in the digital age

Titika Dimitroulia

Download the presentation


Electronically assisted text analysis: new interpretive perspectives

Titika Dimitroulia

Download the presentation

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