CLARIN:EL Resource Sharing Service allows users to upload, store and share language resources, tools and language processing web services in the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure, in accordance with the licensing terms and conditions of use imposed by the LR providers. Storage and contribution rights have all the Member Organisations of the CLARIN:EL network as well as individuals-registered users.


Contribution of resources to CLARIN:EL

Organisations wishing to share their resources through CLARIN:EL, need to apply to become members of the CLARIN:EL network (application in Greek) in accordance with the procedure described here. The new Member Organisation contributes resources to CLARIN:EL through its own Institutional Repository (created for each Member Organisation) or through the Hosted Resources Repository (HRR).

If you are affiliated to an Organisation that is already member of the CLARIN:EL Infrastructure and maintains an Institutional Repository, you deposit your language resources, tools and services in the Insitutional Repository of your Organisation ("under the umbrella" of your Organisation)." Therefore, you need to login using your Academic ID. If you encounter problems, please contact your Technical Responsible (the person responsible for the technical issues of your organisation’s Institutional Repository) or the Scientific Responsible (the person in charge of the scientific and management/organisational issues of your organisation’s Institutional Repository) in order to get assistance.

If you are affiliated to an Organisation that is already member of CLARIN:EL but does not maintain its own Institutional Repository, you deposit your resources in the Hosted Resources Repository (HRR). In this case, you need to login using your Academic ID (Log in with academic account).

First of all, you should investigate whether your Organisation intends to become a member of the CLARIN:EL network and set up an Institutional Repository. If yes, then contact the person who is responsible for the Institutional Repository of your Organisation in order to get informed about the completion of the procedures required for the creation of the Institutional Repository. If not, then follow the instructions for individuals-non-affiliated providers given below.

If you are not affiliated to an Organisation, you deposit your resources in the Hosted Resources Repository (HRR). In this case, you need to create a CLARIN:EL account first following the instructions here (registration with personal account).